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Massaggio - Hotel Alpenhof Solda
Massagen - Hotel Alpenhof Sulden


Relax, regenerate, heal...

Various massage treatments, trigger point massages,  manual therapies, cupping applications offered according to naturopathic criteria.

The type and duration of treatment is agreed with the guest before the start of the massage.

If desired, naturopathic advice and Bach flower therapy are also offered.


55 minutes for 55 euros

45 minutes at 45 euros

Massageraum, Triggerpunkt, Sulden Südtirol

Classic massage
trigger point treatment

Schröpfen, Naturheilkunde Sulden Südtirol

cupping treatment

Bachblüten, Naturheilkunde, Sulden Südtirol

Naturopathic advice
Bach flower therapy

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