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Sights in Solda

Solda in spring means a sea of colors, a journey into the silence of nature.
Extreme situations can be experienced in summer: The mild climate of the high valley and the soft green meadows contrast with the rough glaciers and the rugged rock faces of the highest peaks in South Tyrol.
In turn, autumn brings a colorful landscape and, on crystal clear days, invites you to the most beautiful mountain tours.


mMM Ortles

On September 25, 2004, Reinhold Messner's "MMM Ortles", one of his five-house Messner Mountain Museum, was inaugurated. It forms part of the concept, which wants to show a comprehensive picture of the topic "mountain" by commenting on different areas of this topic and extending like a mosaic over several locations.
The museum in Sulden leads the visitor through an underground room. On an area of 300 square meters, visitors to the exhibition can delve into a large number of paintings by international and local artists and thus immerse themselves in a world of ice and snow, storms and glaciers. Messner himself believes that the affinity for these extreme situations of alpinism is best captured by artists.
About 15 minutes walk from the hotel.


Messner Mountain Museum Alpine Curiosa

In the former mountaineer accommodation next to the Hotel Post at the foot of the Ortles, the so-called 'Flohhäuschen', the extreme mountaineer Reinhold Messner has set up a museum with curiosities of alpinism. Based on thirteen legendary mountaineering stories, from Yogi Milarepa to Reinhold Messner himself, a different history of mountaineering is told. Here he exhibits "curious" pieces of evidence of the small human weaknesses of the "big ones on the mountain" and tells the history of mountaineering using his favorite characters.
About 10 minutes walk from the hotel.


Museum for the Ortler region

 The museum is an expression of passion and love for the Ortler region. A place against forgetting your roots, a declaration of love to your homeland and a reminder of the big and small pioneers of this region. A tour through the history and culture of the Ortler region, along with a special presentation from 1915-1918 World War I and a rarely beautiful collection of minerals from the Ortler region and the surrounding area. The museum takes you through the 100-year history of tourism in the Ortler region, its refuges and sponsors and pioneers of the history of this mountain village at the foot of the Ortler.
About 10 minutes walk from the hotel



A popular photo motif are the Tibetan highland cattle, the yaks. Reinhold Messner brought the animals to Solda in 1985. They now feel just as comfortable here as they do at home. The yaks can be seen in winter near the MMM Museum by Reinhold Messner. About 15 minutes walk from the hotel.


Stelvio Pass road

Built in 1822 to create the shortest connection between Valtellina and Vinschgau. The Stelvio Pass road is still one of the most impressive mountain roads in the Alps. On the South Tyrolean side, an altitude difference of 1870 m with 48 hairpin bends, and on the Valtellina side an altitude difference of 1530 m with 34 hairpin bends. About 30 minutes drive from the hotel


national park houses

National Park House Naturatrafoi. The "naturatrafoi" visitor center is located in the middle of the Stelvio National Park, in Trafoi, directly on the Stelvio Pass road. The exhibition in the house is dedicated to the topic "Living on the border". It offers fascinating insights into the geology of the Ortler massif and into the survival of plants and animals under the extreme climatic conditions of the high mountains.
Aquaprad National Park House. The national park house "aquaprad" (14 different aquariums with native fish species) is located in Prad am Stilfserjoch. The visitor center with a focus on water was opened in 2003 in the international year of water. Insights into life in the water are offered in a vivid way. The visitor dives into the near and yet so strange world of local fish.

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