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Solda in spring means a sea of colors, a journey into the silence of nature.
Extreme situations can be experienced in summer: The mild climate of the high valley and the soft green meadows contrast with the rough glaciers and the rugged rock faces of the highest peaks in South Tyrol.
In turn, autumn brings a colorful landscape and, on crystal clear days, invites you to the most beautiful mountain tours.​

Parco nationale Stelvio


Sulden offers hiking experiences for everyone. From "lazy paths" suitable for prams to extreme tours. Around 100 km of marked hiking trails lead those who are not so into extreme tours into the forest, along rushing mountain streams, to the alpine pastures, to the refuges and to the most beautiful viewpoints.



The Ortler Group, which encloses Solda, forms the core of the Eastern Alps. The Ortler with its 3907 m is the highest peak in the group of mountains named after it. It is followed by the Königspitze and the Cevedale.Sulden's immediate surroundings are rough and rugged - an alpine landscape that only a century ago required its inhabitants to struggle to survive. Even if she seems tamed today.
Alpinism has a long tradition in Solda. Autumn 2004 marked the 200th anniversary of the first ascent of the Ortler, once the highest mountain in Austria: On September 27, 1804, Josef Pichler, better known under the name "the Psairer Josele", ignited the proof with a summit fire that he was the highest mountain Tyrol had conquered. Since then, the Ortler, the Königsspitze, the Cevedale and many others have been popular destinations for mountaineers from near and far. The most famous mountains around Sulden: Orter 3907, Königsspitze 3859, Zebru 3740, Suldenspitze 3376, Cevedale 3796, rear Schöntaufspitze 3325, Vertainspitze 3545, Großer Angelus 3521, Tschengelser Hochwand 3375.

Radfahren Stilfser Joch


Solda is considered a good starting point for cyclists, so there are numerous bike tours in the area around Solda: Passo Stelvio Madritsch, and all the beautiful bike paths in Vinschgau.

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General information

Solda is at about 1900 meters  is blessed with a very mild climate despite the high location thanks to the shielded location by the surrounding mountains, which is why you will also find the highest tree line in Solda  of the Alps (approx. 2400 m above sea level).
In contrast to the Northern Alps, the climate is very sunny and mostly mild, since the Northern Alps protect the Central Alps from the heavy rainfall that occurs north of the Alps. Therefore, in summer we are much more influenced by the horse latitudes, which give us a dry climate.

Allergy-free zone Solda:
Since the vegetation is delayed by about 2 - 4 months here,  Sulden is ideal for allergy sufferers, as you can avoid the typical pollen flight times in Sulden. Studies were also carried out on this subject, which showed that even the pollen in Sulden, thanks to its very unpolluted nature, is far less allergenic, since the surface structure of the pollen is not so changed. Also, there are no more house dust mites from an altitude of 1500 m above sea level.

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