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Altoadige Solda Ortles
Südtirol Sulden Italien



Solda is located in Vinschgau, in western South Tyrol at the foot of the mighty Ortles, in the Stelvio National Park, which  includes the entire Ortler-Cevedale mountain range with its side valleys and extends into Lombardy. The huge nature reserve covers an area of 134,620 hectares.

Untouched nature and traditionally farmed alpine and forest areas with its clear glacial lakes. Bubbling glacial springs let the viewer quickly forget the hustle and bustle of everyday life

A paradise for nature lovers: the Stelvio National Park is home to animals that are otherwise rarely seen, such as marmots, ibexes, golden eagles or herds of deer. In addition to the alpine fauna, there are of course a lot of botanical rarities to discover here.

Wandern Sulden Tabaretta


Blick auf König und Zebru.JPG


Museum Sulden am Ortler

Sights in Solda

Stilfserjoch Sraße Südtirol

Sights in the Vinschgau Valley


Mountain Huts

Vertain Angelus Sulden


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