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Benessere - SPA - Sauna - Solda
Wellness- SPA -Sauna -Sulden



Finnish sauna, steam sauna, infrared sauna, Kneipp pool, adventure shower detoxify and get your circulation going again. In the 36°C warm whirlpool you can treat your body to a break from the strenuous descents or mountain tours. In the relaxation room, made of untreated pine wood, you can relax your senses and be fascinated by the impressive mountain world. Massages according to naturopathic criteria, haki-puncture, cupping treatment and homeopathic advice are also available on request.  The theme of the sauna facility is: the distorted space. It is a slightly different sauna area, free from kitsch and superfluous stimuli, modern with clear lines but still cozy. An attempt was made to reflect the rough mountain world, stone and nature in a symbiosis. The floor and ceiling are not horizontal, and the room opens up to the mountains, so that  the surrounding mountain world is perceived as even more gigantic. A large panoramic window allows a direct view of King Ortler, you feel as if you were naked in the middle of nature. A feeling that you have to get used to because you feel very watched. In order to be really unobserved and undisturbed, the lighting of the facility was aligned in such a way that one cannot look into the sauna from the outside (the lighting in the interior is very subdued, the predominant lighting comes from the illuminated outdoor area, which is located at the windows reflects, so it is possible to come out of the sauna without mirror effects  can look outside, but the outsider is prevented from looking into the sauna.) The relaxation room was made of local pine wood, which was already used by the elders in the Tyrolean parlors. These trees are true survivors and are mainly found at very high altitudes at the tree line. The wood of the Zirm is rich in essential oils, which gives off a pleasant smell that is typically reminiscent of a Tyrolean parlour.


Sauna - Whirlpool - Sulden


Massages based on naturopathic criteria, haki puncture, cupping treatment and naturopathic advice are also available on request.

Appointments at the hotel reception or by phone 0039/0473 613014

Massage - massaggio -Sulden


Montagne - Berge - Sulden


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