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Mountain Huts

Ortler - Ortles- Südtirol
Düsseldorfer Hütte Sulden.jpg

Dusseldorf hut

 The Düsseldorfer Hut is located at 2,721m in the Zaytal in Sulden/South Tyrol.
A fantastic panorama is offered of the triumvirate of Ortler, Zebru and Königsspitze.
Many mountain tours and hikes for mountain enthusiasts are possible from the hut. From challenging peaks (Vertainspitze, Great Angelus, etc.) to day trips to the glacial lakes, there is something for everyone.

Ortles - Ortler- Stilfs -Stelvio
Hintergrat Hütte Sulden Südtirol.jpg

custon Hut

The Custon Hut is located at 2,661 m on a large glacier below the Ortler, Zebrù and Königspitze mountains.  The hut is an important base for climbing the Ortles, especially for the route over the Hintergrat.

Ortler, Südtirol, Berge, Wandern

Tabaretta Hut

The Tabaretta Hut is at an altitude of 2556 m, right on the way to the Payer Hut. It is a popular hiking destination, a pleasant place to rest and look out and an important base for the Ortles hikers  and  Ortler north face.
From the sun terrace you can see the imposing Ortler north face and the Tabaretta via ferrata, the Sesvenna and Ötztal Alps and the two lakes on the Reschen Pass.

 Vinschgau - Ortler - Südtirol
Payerhütte Sulden.jpg

Julius Payer Hut

The Payerhütte is located at 3,029m in an extremely exposed location. The panorama extends from the Stelvio Pass road, over the Swiss and Austrian mountain ranges in the north, the entire Upper Vinschgau with a view of Lake Reschen to the Ortler in the south. The Payer Hut is the base for the Ortler ascent via the most commonly used normal route.

Bergsteigen- Ortler - Südtirol

Schaubach hut

 The Schaubach Hut is at 2,581 m, from where you can tackle high-altitude tours of varying difficulty all year round.

The hike to the Beltovo (3,325 m) is considered relatively easy, while the much more demanding glacier tours to the Peak of Solda or the Cevedale (3,769 m) can also be mastered with touring skis in winter and spring.

Ortler, Sulden, Solda
Kälberalm Sulden.jpg


The Calfalm is located at 2253 m above Solda, it is the starting point for hikes to the Peak Dorsobello (3128 m) and to the Düsseldorfe Hut (2721 m).

Ortlergebiet, Sulden, Südtirol
Berglhütte Vinschgau Südtirol.jpg

Borletti hut

The Borletti Hut is located at 2188 m  at the foot of the Ortler, above the pilgrimage church of St. Three Source in Trafoi. Destination of hikes from Tafoi or as a starting point for climbing the Ortles.

Furkelhütte Trafoi Südtirol

furkel hut

The Furkel Hut is located at 2153m above Trafoi in the Chavalatschkamm of the Ortler Alps in the Stelvio National Park.

Beautiful panorama of the main Alpine ridge and the Ortles

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